Differential Service


What is differential fluid?

Differentials split engine torque in two, allowing each part to spin at different speed. The gears in your differential are constantly moving and grinding against one another. Fluid in the differential lubricates these gears, allowing them to spin with little friction. Just like every other kind of fluid, the lubricants in the gear oil dissipate or wear after awhile, so changing the fluid is necessary to ensure optimal vehicle performance. For example, food has additives and preservatives that allow the food to last, but eventually the food expires and no longer tastes the way it should. Instead of eating the food and risking an illness, you will likely replace the food with something fresh. Gear oil should be treated the same way to ensure longevity of your vehcile.

What is a differential service?

Depending on what kind of vehicle you drive depends on where your differential is located and how many you have. Front wheel drive cars have a front differential, and rear wheel drive vehicles have a rear differential loacted in the back. Similarly, all-wheel drive and four wheel drive vehciles have three differentials: front, center, and rear. Our service changes the fluid in each case with a high quality gear oil. Although, hesitation to change the fluid can result in problems with your car or truck. Stop at our store today to get a quote or call us at 615-206-8775!

When do you change the gear oil?

Intervals depend on what your vehicle manufacturer recommends. Our technicians use a computer system that is constantly updated to determine service intervals and fluid weight. And when the time comes for the fluid to be changed, we’ll be sure to let you know. For more information, see your vehicle handbook or visit our store today.