Cabin Filter

Depending on your vehicle, you may have a cabin filter, which is often under the hood or behind the dash. Our technicians will ask ahead of time if you’d like us to check your cabin filter. This filter cleans the air you breathe¬†inside the car. If this filter gets restricted with dirt and debris, it can cause poor air circulation when running the air conditioner or heater. To avoid this issue and keep allergy problems down, we recommend changing this filter when it becomes restricted.

When should I change the cabin filter?

Intervals for changing the filter varies on how and where you drive, but you usually want to replace your cabin filter the same time you replace your engine air filter. Usually, new cabin filters last around 20-25,000 miles for most people.

Engine Oil Filter

Our standard oil filter is included with oil change prices.** The oil filter removes contaminants from oil. Particles that build up overtime from unfiltered oil can cause wear on your engine, leaving your car under-performing, so we change the engine oil filter with every oil change. As a second choice, we offer premium Mobil oil filters at an extra cost.

The Mobil 1 Oil Filters holds three times the dirt versus leading economy brand filter, according to Mobil 1’s site. This premium performance filter also has 99.9% effeciency. At a small cost, they are a great upgrade to keep your engine running at it’s best.

** Some vehciles require special, premium oil filters, which must be replaced with the oil change for a small additional cost.


Air Filter

Most cars have an engine air filter that cleans the air your engine breathes. If this filter gets restricted with dirt, dust, and/or other debris, then the vehicle will lose optimal performance. Oil Change Depot can replace this filter quick and at a low cost; it can usually be replaced in the time it takes to get your oil change. Also, there is a chance of your gas mileage decreasing due to a clogged filter. And with gas prices soaring, who would want to spend more at the pump?

When should I change the engine air filter?

There is no set interval on changing engine air filters or cabin filters. Usually, most people decide to change the filter once it becomes restricted with dirt, dust, and other debris. We check the engine air filter every oil change to ensure it is unrestricted; however, if you decide to change a clogged air filter, then usually people can wait 20-25,000 miles before replacing the filter again.