At Oil Change Depot, it's our priority to take care of you and your vehicle.

Lube, oil and filter Change

Every oil change comes with Mobil brand oil and a quality filter. We also grease fittings if necessary.

Light check

When you first arrive, we check lights all the way around the vehicle. If a light needs to be replaced, we offer replacing them at a low price. This avoids unwanted tickets and enables a safer driving experience.

Fluid check

A vehicle has a lot of fluids that need to be checked, topped off, or replaced depending on the mileage. We check antifreeze, power steering, brake fluid, differential fluid, and transmission fluid. Washer fluid is topped off for free every oil change.

Tire pressure check

Nobody likes driving on a flat. Keeping your tires at an optimal psi maximizes gas mileage and stopping ability. Come in any time for a free tire check - keeping you moving is what we do, and at Oil Change Depot we're happy to help.

Filter check

Every oil change comes with an air filter check. If it needs to be replaced, we carry air filters for most vehicles. We can also check and replace cabin filters upon request.

Professional service review

Oil Change Depot technicians review exactly what services your vehicle needs to stay running smoothly. No unnecessary recommendations  No sales pitch. Our professional service review is one of the many reasons customers keep coming back.

Why change the oil?

Changing the oil is the most important part of routine maintenance for any vehicle. An oil change consists of removing the old oil from a vehicles engine and replacing it with new, fresh oil. The engine oil filter is also changed at the same time.

Automobile engines have many moving parts. As these parts slide against each other, heat is created. Oil lubricates the engine and absorbs heat allowing the internal parts to work optimally without overheating. Over time, engine oil breaks down and wears out. When it does, it becomes less effective at lubricating the engine and absorbing heat. As a vehicle owner, your goal is to change the oil before it breaks down and causes major engine trouble.

When should I get an oil change?

Oil change intervals depend on the type of oil you use, how you drive, and what your vehicle manufacturer recommends. Our technicins typically suggest 3,000 miles on conventional and 5,000 miles on synthetic motor oil. However, you should always stick to what your manufacturer recommends. For more information, refer to your vehicle handbook or stop in today.

We carry many types of oil from 5w20, 5w30, 0w20 full synthetic, and many others. The type of oil we use depends on what your vehicle manufacturer and our computer system recommends. The type of oil and weight is discussed prior to service.

Mobil 1 Filters

Do you want to increase vehcile performance and fuel efficency? Our Mobil performance oil filters are designed to do just that. Filtering 99% of dirt and debris found in engine oil, this filter is crafted to extend the life of your motor. For a small extra cost add this filter to your oil change and see the difference. Works best with Mobil 1 or Mobil Super Synthetic motor oil. Ask about the Mobil oil filter today!