recommended services

Oil Change

Keep critical engine components operating smoothly by replacing your engine with fresh, clean oil. Our standard oil change includes a thorough multi-point vehicile inspection.

Anti-Freeze flush

The purpose of anti-freeze is to maintain engine temperature and prevent corrosion build up. Key components in anti-freeze break down over time and must be replaced to keep a vehicle running smoothly.

transmission fluid service

Transmission fluid lubricates gears inside your transmission. Over time, this fluid loses its ability to effectively lubricate gears, so replacing your transmission with clean, new fluid ensures a trouble-free ride.

Serpentine Belt Replacement

The serpentine belt is used to run a number of different systems from the water pump to power steering. A broken serpentine belt can damage these connected systems, so changing the belt before it breaks is the best decision. 

Differential Fluid Service

Differential fluids, much like transmission fluid and oil, are used for lubricating gears in your differential cases. Again, these fluids break down over time, so changing the fluid allows the gears in the differential cases to move more freely.

Filter Replacement service (cabin/air)

Air filters, whether cabin or engine, are designed to trap harmful dirt and debris. The cabin air filter cleans the air you breathe and the engine air filter cleans the air the engine “breathes.”