When to replace them

Are your wipers streaking, squeaking, or tearing? Get new wipers today at Oil Change Depot! We offer a quality Mighty brand wipers for a cheap price. However, RainX Latitude wipers are also available. Replace yours today and enjoy seeing clearly through rain, sleet, or snow.

How long do they last?

How long wipers last depends on how you use them. If you drive more often in the rain, then your wipers may see some wear and tear sooner. Although, if driving in harsh weather isn't a common thing, then your wipers are likely to last longer.

RainX Latitude

Stop in at Oil Change Depot and get a pair of RainX blades. The Latitude wipers are known to be a long lasting product. The blade is curved to comform to your windsheild, which decreases wear and increases protection against rain, sleet, and snow.

RainX Latitude